Adding Art for the Player

Adding Art for the Player

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Justin Horner
·Apr 7, 2022·

We've made our exciting first change toward the look of our game by switching the background from a solid color to beautiful, hand-drawn art. In this article, we're going to change from a cube to a sprite for our player!

(Oh, by the way, I changed the background art to one I like a bit better)

New Player Art

The quickest way for us to switch to a 2D sprite for the player, in this case, is drag-and-drop the art we want to use for the player into the hierarchy. This will create a new GameObject with a SpriteRenderer already configured correctly.

Since we would need to remove the Rigidbody and Collider components and add the 2D equivalents, this gives us a fresh start to add what we need.

Here you can see I've done just that. player art inspector

Now let's add the Rigidbody2D, CapsuleCollider2D and Player components. player art inspector with all components

Now let's see how it looks. I think we're in for a big surprise. large player

Yeah, our player ship is gigantic. There are several ways to resolve this. For now, I'm going to scale the image down in the transform of the inspector. player art inspector resize

That's better. normal size player


Our hand-drawn look is coming to life! As you'll see throughout the rest of the series, I'm going for a Yoshi's Island look and feel for the game.

Take care.
Stay awesome.

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